October 6, 2016



” Before coming to Kenya, I was tired, … tired of being a success, … I was tired of being broke, …I was tired of doing my own thing for others, …I wondered what on earth I was doing, Going nuts, … NOT KNOWING WHY, HOW, or WHERE I was headed … So, I started bugging my friends, my enemies, my family and all sorts of people. … What else!

Turn-on, Tune in,… Drop out!

… What? …DROP OUT …

Drop-outs are the change-makers – Jobs & Gates … TUNE-IN …to rule-breakers, misfits and troublemakers, free-spirits and pioneers, visionaries and non-conformists – Gandhi, Martin Luther (King) …… seeing things others don’t …TURN-ON To an irrepressible mind, born to be a revolutionary, … impulses are the key to the miraculous, inspiring creativity, … deep social insight, and with energy to

change our home… AFRICA … Aha!…

Then, a friend of mine told me to look at Ashoka, … looking at Amani Institute … WHAT? …I bugged friends and whoever I found along my path … a path less traveled just to go on a “well-deserved” holiday … For a noble cause naturally …My sanity, my insanity, insanity …In my heart I know there’s a better way Having really bugged Roshan and Ila, …

Here am I, … Damien Mouzoun …

Here am I, well groomed, clean and sparkling on a silver platter ready for action … ACTION So before I go, before our paths part (sob) Before we rise to the challenge, may I thank you for being my teachers, my mentors, my friends …I come from a Royal town, a village indeed, A little hole in the wall, in a place called Benin no one really even has heard about

The down and out, … but today,

I’ve travelled to over 40 countries on the continent, Spoken to hundreds of thousands of people in seminars and cocktail parties, dinners and trekking the vast warm lands of my favorite continent AFRICA My aspiration is to make peace in our world and help preventing the unnecessary pains the world is going through from Gaza to Afghanistan,

From pole to pole, From where the sun sets to where it dawns

Classy and fit …I will make a difference, that I assure you … WHY? Because its already happening …What I have learnt from the class that has been recognized as a global social system inevitably made up of a number of different factions and acted on by multiple forces. The class also has a clear and challenging purpose-to make progress in understanding and practicing social innovation leadership. It is called Amani family. We have been convinced that one cannot easily change the world but he or she can change the facts and to change the facts we need individually and collectively to change the points of view, the day we change the points of view, people will start acting differently, seeing differently and the world won’t be the same as we found it then we can say we have changed the world… {…}.

Mouzoun on the rise of professional counseling in Rwanda

Why did Damien Mouzoun Founder and Director Gennaral of Ayina Think Tank Africa choose to specialise in family and youth counselling? View all interview The New Times had with Damien by clicking on this link here

Image of Africa (Progres De L’education En Afrique, Mythe ou Realite)

Education progress in Africa, Myth or Reality. You can watch a full movie published by Rwanda broadcasting Agency by clicking on this link here

Image of Africa (Le rôle des médias dans la Renaissance Africaine)

Director general of Ayina Think Tank Africa has been hosted by Rwanda Broadcasting Agency in the studio to share his thoughts as well as his experience about the role of media in the Africa context. Watch out the video here

Image of Africa (Image de l’Afrique – Le chantier de la reforme de l’union Africaine)

Here is a talk about image of Africa which held on National Rwanda Television with a group of people including Damien Mouzoun General manager of Ayina Think Tank. Click here to watch a full talk.

Interview with Damien Mouzoun, Chairman of Ayina Think Tank about investment in Social Enterprise

                                      For more information about this interview click to the following link: Full interview Here

Training on Time management by Mr. Damien MOUZOUN to the youth in Benin 2012



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DÉBATS – Droits de l’homme et de la femme en Afrique

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DÉBATS – Afrique: L’intégration passe-t-elle vraiment par un passport ?

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IGIHE.COM is a leading online newspaper in Rwanda who gave an interview to the AYINA THINK TANK CEO, SIR. Damien Mouzoun at the Kigali-Rwanda office…





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