October 6, 2016



logo sample (2)we believe readers are leaders that is why we build reading culture from early childhood at this wisdom age era where success is much more defined by one’s knowledge and ability to learn, to unlearn and relearn effectively.


Ambassador Yeah Samake with books for AYINA Think Tank: 

image1In order to find the best published books that can inspire our readers, the AYINA THINK TANK has just launched the “wise generation legacy” campaign to collect autographed donated best read books and autobiographies from people across the world. The books given to us are to retain preciously the memory and contribution of the kind donor or institution in the Library  of AYINA THINK TANK in various countries. We have a library to inspire the mounting generation of Africans and beyond for reading culture and development. We have already received books from many leaders like Dov Frohman who is the CEO of Intel in Israel, Kofi Annan former Secretary General of the United Nations, Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia, senior advisor to the President of Kenya and former Secretary General of the World council of churches in Geneva with many others.

Most of the books we received were through EMS, DHL, FedEx or even postal box :

Ayina Think Tank

Po.Box: 3972 Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali office,

Rwanda Education Board Road,

KG 11 Av. Tabs Plaza, 2nd Floor, Bureau N’ 16

Tel: +250782306930

IMG_2063We also develop a reading habit by building reading clubs across countries and universities. One of the technic that we use is to train a small group of students as advocates in owning themselves the importance of reading, sharing inspirational books which could keep them awake at night to finish reading them, story telling and debate on the read books.


img_4322The use of ICT for development, proper communication that must stimulate good habits and moral values in the society is also another field of our contribution. Our students learn what to share, why and how on various social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedln and others…


 img_4323We care about leadership, peace,and development through our mission at Ayina Think Tank and equally recognize the power of communication in our time. All progresses and tragedies that our world has ever known were rooted in proper or wrong communication. We see it, even in families were husband and wife can live in a desperate emotional divorce for many years fault of good communication, in countries and societies turned apart because one tribe or religion will not seek out to the other.


img_4324Our investment in the students is done without much propaganda or communication budgets. Following our values as social enterprise helping to make impact in the world we prefer to avoid spending money that we could use to serve more people in seeking our own social recognition. When media houses approach us to learn about our work and share with the outside world which could be inspired by it and take action, we freely give interviews and our time to them. We do believe that one can be transformed by the surroundings and also by invisible mentors which exist in the books that they read. Whom you associate with or what you read may define your becoming. Make sure you choose them properly.

The autographed books for the Ayina think tank library by the following personalities: 


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