October 5, 2016



Healing the hearts for peace

Rotary Rwanda

Healing the Hearts for Peace project proposal

Executive summary:

Healing the Hearts for Peace is a project of Rotary Rwanda. It will be implemented by Rotary Club of Virunga in partnership with Ayina Think Tank based in Kigali. This project aims to educate the community on a peace vision and social transformation. Rwandans have the power to change their country, live and develop harmoniously. Everything will be achieved once the community is well educated.

About us

The Rotary Club of Virunga is one of the clubs that make up Rotary International. Rotary International is an organization that promotes the welfare of the community. Rotary emphasizes on the role of leadership to solve social issues. In partnership with Ayina Think Tank, Rotary Club of Virunga is willing to serve Rwandans by implementing Healing the Hearts for Peace. Ayina Think Tank is a social enterprise that delivers trainings and consultancy services to individuals, companies and NGOs.


Africa has been a theater of many ethnic and religious divisions which have often led to rebellions and wars that have killed innocent children, women and men. There are different reasons behind the various cultural lifestyles of Africans.We cannot ignore that it is the absence of appropriate community education and social patronage has turned talented and dynamic Africans into global victims instead of the inspiration for global remedies.

The nature and mode of the execution of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi left the Rwandan cultural and moral fabric in shambles. Values and taboos that were held sacrosanct in the Rwandan society were defiled and trampled upon by those who were supposed to protect them.

One of the main reasons for Rotary’s existence is to make peace wherever the members find themselves. Rotary has grown in Rwanda in membership and social development projects that include the Kigali public library, public health projects and many others.

Through this project, the Rotary Club of Virunga (Rwanda), with the support of Rotary International is going to educate the community on peace vision and social transformation.

Peace vision starts with the spark of concern for society or social literacy. Peacemaking needs three tools: study and steady mind endowed with truth, compassion and will to execute the direction.

The vision and force that liberated the country from killings should continue in the mind and heart of the community with hope and faith for succeeding down peace.

If the society is strong in peace and trust, integrated and committed, there will be less work for military forces. If understanding and tolerance flourish there will be no need for unnecessary expenses and threat of violence by divisions.


To equip the community, especially the mounting generation with knowledge and skills for peace keeping and observation. Early childhood is the period in which our personality is formed, as well as our social skills patterns of thinking, moral values and the ability to cooperate with our fellow humans and our natural surroundings. Empowering the individual and the society while encouraging the interaction with the community and natural surroundings will equip the grownups of tomorrow with the ability to cope with challenges, while maintaining an approach which includes an open dialogue and respect.


To see a community with “peace wills” or inheritance, that has two wings which are love and service, for a nation that is open to all peace makers and an illustration of building bridges rather than building walls.


  1. To impart the community with peace education as a surgery that amputates memory of conflict and implants exclusive memory of harmony.
  1. Awareness on shifting the community from a low profile mind which leads to violence to a high profile mind for peace.
  1. To pursue the mission in the post genocide era, by contributing to the process of post conflict peace building.


The Healing the Hearts for Peace by Rotary Rwanda project will be researched and implemented by the AYINA Think Tank, in collaboration with the members of the Rotary Club of Virunga. AYINA Think Tank is a research, advocacy and training Institute, on peace, development and social innovation represented in Africa by Mauritius, Ghana and Rwanda, in Africa.

There will be public trainings by the experts assigned for the project, on various success stories of peace in the world. The use of similarity cases of societies and countries like Switzerland, Mauritius, Germany and Japan, which have succeeded to build effective diversity in unity.

The third alternative approach by Dr. Stephen R. Covey, on methods of conflict resolution that introduces a break-through approach to conflict resolution and creative problem solving. Transcending traditional solutions to conflict by forging a path towards an alternative that moves beyond your way or my way to our a higher and better way; one that allows both parties to emerge from debate or even heated conflict in a far better place, than either had envisioned. With the third alternative, nobody has to give up anything and everybody wins.

There will also be public cinema on documentaries like Berlin wall, synergy and historical evidences of peace possibilities that will stimulate an open debate between the general public, the facilitators, experts and the fellow Rotarians across the country.

The target community includes various religious groups represented in the country, schools, youth associations and groups of local communities, organizations, cooperatives.


As mentioned above, this project will help in the social transformation of Rwandans. The targeted community will be reached and trained effectively to embrace peace from the bottom of their heart.


Healing the Hearts for Peace needs a total budget of  $ 31 000.